This Is Heavy Heavy Heavy (Spinalonga Records)

This Is Heavy Heavy Heavy (Spinalonga Records)
The Greek label Spinalonga Records has just released a new online sampler called "This Is Heavy Heavy Heavy".
It contains 19 tracks from eighteen Greek bands and one Turkish. All of them are either previous unreleased or taken from the bands' latest works.
A fine summer release where you can check and some not so well-known bands of Greece's underground heavy (or not) scene.


01. The Dive - Pets In Rabbies ::: taken from "The Dive" (Spinalonga Records/Lab Records)
02. Gevende - Vigeland ::: taken from "Sen Balik Degilsin ki (you are no fish)" (Baykus Music) {from Turkey}
03. The Bliss - To The Son ::: taken from "Gabbatha" (Spinalonga Records)
04. Biri Biri - Chlup ::: taken from "Biri Biri" (Spinalonga Records)
05. Circassian - Sally ::: taken from upcoming album – previously unreleased
06. Mastrubation Goes Cloud - Alone and Desert ::: previously unrelased
07. Bad Mathematics - Proud ::: taken from "Un-natural progression" (Self-released)
08. Semen Of The Sun – Roses ::: taken from upcoming album – previously unreleased
09. One Leg Mary – Speit Gazolin ::: previously unreleased
10. Planet of Zeus – Vanity Suit ::: taken from "Macho Libre" (B-Otherside Digital)
11. Stereoheathen - Realize ::: Previously unreleased
12. Cube – Noir ::: taken from upcoming album (Spinalonga Records)
13. The Screaming Fly – Just Say ::: taken from debut album (Self-released)
14. Plastic Flowers – Japanese Vegetables ::: taken from "Meltdown EP" (Cakes and Tapes)
15. The Rosewood Brothers – Not much ::: taken from "Homemade music" (self-released)
16. Raindogs – Bitter Nick ::: taken from upcoming album (Lab Records)
17. Bubasvabe - Son Cosas de la Vida ::: taken from "Bubasvabe" (Self-released)
18. Three Way Plane – Straight Jacket Society (Dj Anarxx remix) ::: previously unreleased
19. Yellow Devil Sauce – Dr. Chakravarti ::: taken from "Early Dinner at Dr’ Chakravarti’s" (Spinalonga/CTS/TFK)

You can download it straight from Spinalonga Records' bandcamp below.

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