[Live Report] Planet Of Zeus, Potergeist, Harsh Demise @ Athens, 06/05/11

Planet Of Zeus, Potergeist, Harsh Demise @ Athens, 06/05/11
Harsh Demise: Really young guys! Nevertheless they seemed to know exactly what they were doing on stage. They play some blend between Pantera and Swedish death! I am not really a huge fan of this kind of sound anymore but the crowd seemed to like them.

Very powerful bass, huge volume and really cool singer. In the end they called the singer of Lucky Funeral for the “4 Years”. They also covered “Pinball Map” from In Flames.

Not even sure if they were old enough to listen to this song when it was released. Shit man, I am getting old…

Potergeist: I’ve seen them live many times. Overall, a nice band with very nice southern metal songs. Yesterday they took it more lightly. At some point they called a third guitar player on stage (brother of Babis from Planet of Zeus if I am not mistaken). 
Some teasing among the band members, some kisses with girls from the crowd, lots of fun! I can’t say it was their best performance but they were good. Hope “Muddy Mermaids” will be released soon! Funny line of the night: After the Potergeist show a girl asked from the drummer if she could have her t-shirt and her shorts back!!!

Planet Of Zeus: Their debut was a killer. Funny thing, nobody has ever heard of it outside Greece. So the Athenian 4-piece return with “Macho Libre” and this was a night to honor the release of this album. It was about fucking time, I would add. 

I haven’t heard the studio version yet but from what I heard last night it’s going to be a blast. They played most of the songs of the “Eleven the Hard Way” and “Macho Libre”. The crowd was fucking nuts most of the time! It’s a sad thing that I see this band not able to tour outside the borders but who knows…things may change after this album. 

They were 100% improved from the last time I saw them supporting Brant Bjork. If you want me to be a little bad I would say that there is room for improvement in matters of presentation and communication with the crowd. I still feel like the kick-ass attitude of the albums is not fully presented on stage. Also comments like “I overdid it in our last live and last night I kept spitting blood…so my voice today is so and so” do more harm than good. Other than that great performance, great live, great night!

Review and videos by Dr.Doom

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