[Videotheque] Pesta - Blood Mists/Moloch's Children [live footage]

Over a year has passed since the release of "Faith Bathed in Blood", and the Brazilian doom has returned, Pesta has come with some powerful moments playing live on the promotion of the album, with this new music video from the tracks "Blood Mists" and "Moloch's Children".

Pesta's sound could qualifies as traditional doom, seen although through a more contemporary prism and 'engrafted' with pinches of groove, darkness and ritualisic rhythms.

This ritual came immersed in these almost unimaginable times that we are living today, in which nothing seemed stronger than having the memory and longing for the return of these moments.

video credits, video footage by:
- Rafael Ram
- Iana Domingos
- Xulipa
- Dopesmoker Fest
- Patricia Yegros - Zé Luiz - Paula Stefany
brief band bio:
Pesta is a Doom / Stoner rock band formed in the mountainous city of Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 2014, the main motivation was to pay tribute to some bands from the 70s and 80s, like Pentagram, Cathedral, Trouble and the great, Black Sabbath, in a sound that moves between Stoner Rock, Classic Doom Metal and Seventies Hard Rock.

Pesta is:
Thiago Cruz – vocals
Marcos Resende – rhythm/lead guitars
Daniel Rocha – rhythm guitars
Anderson Vaca – bass
Flávio Freitas – drums
pesta band phpto, Iana Domingos pesta band phpto, Iana Domingos pesta band phpto, Iana Domingos
photos by Iana Domingos
pesta logo, brazil, doom

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