[News] SAHARAH - Pulsando Anhelos (new single)

SAHARAH is a heavy rock band founded in 2009 and based in Galicia, Spain. Two weeks ago and after a few years of silence they returned with their new single 'Pulsando Anhelos'. The creation of this single was carried out during the covid-19 quarantine between March and June 2020.

Sahara's sound carries a lot of '90s tasty influences which along with their groovy and energetic attitude transforms the whole listening process into a trip back to another decade where the rock'n'roll approach was much more in the center of most bands' interest and attention and we dig them for that! The band released its debut back in 2012 and recently they also gave in public a few unreleased tracks in a form of a digita EP (INÉDITAS).
Mixing and mastering by Luis Durante.
Video-Ilustration by Eduardo Canalejo
Matilda Rose - backing vocals
Scott Masson - Lead guitar

Saharah is:
Ferd - vocals
Edu - guitar
Pedro - bass
Zalo - drums
Andas cabeza abajo
sin importarte que la vida es más que eso
Pulsas tus miedos
y con ganas de escapar
Pulsas tus miedos
y con ganas de estallar

Pon los pies en el suelo
aparta el pelo y mira lo que estás perdiendo
Pulsas anhelos
de lo que nadie te da
Pulsas tus miedos
y a todos quieres matar
Pulsas tus miedos
y con ganas de estallar

Rompe el silencio
y planta cara
Rompe el silencio.

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