[Videotheque] Puta Volcano - Black Box

Puta Volcano's latest album AMMA was released during the covid-19 lokcdown and as lots of other albums of the same period it probably didn't receive the attention that it deserves. So, in attempt to give it some more credit we present you the official video that the band created for the song Black Box.
At the bottom of this post you can find some 'after' photos of the place that the video-shooting took place. Lyrics of the song are available also at the bottom of this post.

The album  is available on limited Gold/Black Vinyl, CD.

video credits:
Performed by Elena Mengreli
Directed by Nick Kouros & Anna Papathanasiou

Dp: Nick Kouros
1st AC: Nikos Diakoumeas
2nd AC: Nicholas Cornford
Gaffer: Dimitris Mavroforakis

Art director: Anna Papathanasiou
P.A.'s: Tatou Rammou, Apolonia Riazi, Jo ZenkFroso Daniilidou, Akis Rizos, Constantina Mavraidopoulou, Panagiotis Romanos
Makeup: Ioanna Domazaki

Colorist: Aggelos Matzios
Sound design: Kostas Ragiadakos

Lighting gear by RGB studios

Special thanks to Ero Adrakta, Syeahskate
Shot at Athens Blade House

- Black Box was written, composed and performed by Puta Volcano
- Lyrics by Alex Pi

Produced by Johnny Tercu
Recorded by Alex Ketenjian, Nick Dimitrakakos and Alex Bolpasis
at Unreal Studio, Athens, Greece, 
Mixed by Alex Ketenjian and Johnny Tercu at Unreal Studio
Mastered by Alex Ketenjian at Unreal Studio

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watch the video here instead of youtube (1080p)

Nothing but another grain of sand
Even with a thousand lives I’d still
Wouldn’t know a thing
Burn matches in the dark
Blindly throw my wisdom net around

I so crave the precious exaltation
Just without the guilt that comes along
Give me please the liberation
Of not giving a shit

I know
Touch the cosmos and you’ll burn
I’m sorry that your plan went wrong
Toughen up, you should’ve known
Some truths we just can’t take

As small as all before
Under dying stars
My delusions comfort me again

A billion billions hold
My hand and show the way
Helping me take another step

Ξ’y now
I know
A snowflake in an avalanche
A billion helping hands will steer
Toughen up, stare down the void
No truth can stand our gaze

Oh when I’m gone
I only hope
I give someone
That extra step

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