[Quick Fixes] Adrala - s/t (EP)

Adrala, debut EP
ADRALA (Greek: Αντράλα, colloquial for 'dizziness' or 'hustle & bustle') is a fairly new band from Thessaloniki, Greece that was born from the ashes of Spine Chilling Breeze and Gap the Mind when members from both bands came together to form something new and quite different compared to their past 'careers'.

Spine Chilling Breeze unofficialy declared their permanent pause as a band when they released "Estrus, Humidity and Other Addictives" back in 2018 and at the same time they gave us a heads-up on their new plans: a new band with different musical orientation.

Luckily the recordings for this EP were made a few months before the covid-19 pandemic struck Europe so the band was able to digitally release it during the lockdown (1st May 2020). For those of you familiar with the works of Spine Chilling Breeze and Gap the Mind this EP by Adrala will probably going to sound like a big surprise as it is pretty far from the heavy and hard sound that both those bands were known for. It's obvious that Adrala decided to follow a more alternative path for their new adventures while maintaining a quite guitaristic and melodic approach where the very fitting vocals contribute the max and seem to be one of the band's characteristics that stand out from the first hearing. Besides the alternative touch there's also some kind of grungy feeling in their compositions which I hope they will develop further in their future releases because it suits them and obviously I am very fond of. The sure thing is that all four tracks of this EP are very radio friendly and it seems to me that they will sound pleasant to a wide spectrum of listeners.

It's kind of weird but nicely weird, that members from bands that used to play much heavier stuff came together and produced such different material and to be honest, in my eyes that somehow denotes that there was a need for expression underlying, waiting for the right conditions to surface. Either the members of Adrala were looking for a change or not is irrelevant, the positive thing is that they seem to have found the right chemistry to create something new and we'll be keeping an eye on them. We wish them good luck to anything they do next.

Listen to their first EP below and visit their bandcamp to support them any way you wish.

Recordings took place during December 2019 at the band's home studio.
Vocals were recorded at Studio Revolver (Thessaloniki)
Mixed by Achilles
Mastering by Dimitris Karavasilis @ Studio Revolver
Adrala is:
Konstantinos - vocals
Achilles - guitars & drums
Stavros - bass

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