[Compilation] Tin Man vol.6 by Aza Records

Tin Man vol.6 by Aza Records
Aza Records has just announced the release of the 6th compilation under the title "Tin Man". Just like the previous five compilations it contains bands and artists from the underground music scene with a focus on the local scene of Greece and it's available for free download.

You can listen to the compilation below and visit Aza Records' bandcamp page to download it.

This is their official announcement:
Greetings to all the friends of the local bands and projects of Greece!
We are very glad to announce the making of our sixth compilation ‘’Tin Man’’! You can download it for free from our bandcamp page. “Tin Man” is a unique compilation because the songs are composed by members of different bands, it also includes some unpublished tracks that fill the puzzle of the playlist!
Feel free to spread the word (share & repost this link)! It is made for that purpose!
“Tin Man” Artwork by Symeon Leriou

01. 78N feat. Adam Siagas - Σώματα 03:19
02. Iscariot feat. Aza - Repricing a scarecrow 03:42
03. The Smokemachines feat. Aza and Tasos Ritos - Another if 04:16
04. Runes feat. Grigoris Lafaras - Summer Night 03:49   
05. Mark Corrin (UK) - Charity Shop 02:16   
06. Aevin feat. Aza - Sodnoh (city) 04:12
07. Fog International - Fog 05:21
08. Fadin' Blues - Devil's Dance 05:52   
09. Six Steps Above the Earth feat. Vaso Zissou - Maladaptive Schemata 03:53
10. Lazy Aftershow - Slaphappy Sun (acoustic demo version) 06:38
11. Sakis Gallo feat. Vasilis Peikos - Cycle 03:08
12. Dirt Collector - Highways 04:11   
13. The Answer? feat. Tasos Ritos - Lost Words 04:54   
14. Caldera - Derelict 06:00

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