[Videotheque] Minerva - Με Νεύρα

Minerva (Μινέρβα) is a fairly new garage quartet from Athens, Greece that was founded in 2017, released their first EP in 2018 and a month ago released its debut album "Konserva" that contains songs with lyrics both in English and Greek language. Recently they also created a video for the song "Με Νεύρα" (which roughly translates as: "with bad temper").

"Konserva" is available in vinyl by Sound Effect Records (buy here)
Listen to the full album at the bottom of this post.

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Minerva band photo, Μινέρβα  Minerva - Με Νεύρα Minerva - Με Νεύρα

A Short Film by Yorgos Barbas
Directed, shot & edited by Yorgos Barbas (Dexter) at Patari Records (Athens,GR)Story by Yorgos Barbas & Sandy Papaleonida
Drone operator: Paris Papavlasopoulos
Make-up artist: Marianna York

Yorgos Papadogiannakis
Nick Duke

Gangster: Navaho Actus Reus
Fighter: Stelios Choulakis
Referee: Alex Bolpasis
Crowd: Friends of the band

Music by Μινέρβα
Lyrics by George Kouklakis

Recorded at Artracks Recording Studios & Suono Studio by Alex Bolpasis
Mixed by Alex Bolpasis at Suono Studio, Athens GR
Mastered by Nick Townsend at Townsend Mastering, Costa Mesa California US
Produced by Alex Bolpasis and Μινέρβα

Bγαίνω από το σπίτι μου
(με νεύρα)
δεν ξερω που πατάω
βγαίνω απο το σπίτι μου
(με νεύρα)
σε συναντάω.

Με νεύρα!

Ψάχνω για τους φίλους μου
(με νεύρα)
τους αγαπάω
έχασα τους φίλους μου
(με νεύρα)
και ξενυχτάω.

Με νεύρα!

 watch it here:

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