[Suggestion] Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom Rites

Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom Rites
Megalith Levitation was born back in 2016 in the grey and poisonous atmosphere of Chelyabinsk (Russia) by three guys having different musical backgrounds and that never played together before. After three years of practice and hard work their debut album 'Acid Doom Rites' was finally released on 22 Sept. 2019.

The title of the album describes pretty accurately the music and attitude of the band. Acid Doom Rites is a psychedelic doom ritual that lasts for 1hour & 16minutes if you are willing to let yourself be sucked in it's hypnotic atmosphere and be transfered to another dimension of emotions and levels or perception. Slow, mysterious and dark it leads you steadily into a swirling occult atmosphere which calls you to go deeper and deeper, with lyrics coming from beyond offering offer you hazy and phantasmagoric trips to the unknow.
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Band live rituals erase the thin line between illusion and reality, guiding the audience through parched walkways of eternity. Psychedelic sermons that take your mind on a trip to unknown recorded on a debut album of occultists from Chelyabinsk.
Megalith Levitation - Acid Doom Rites - Artist: Megalith Leviation
- Release title: Acid Doom Rites
- Type of Release: debut album
- Band Origin: Chelyabinsk, RUSSIA
- Genre: psychedelic doom, sludge
- Release Date: 22 September  2019

Megalith Levitation is:
SAA: vocals, guitar
KKV: bass
PAN: drums

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