[Videotheque] Rosy Finch - Lava

Monday video premiere! Rosy Finch are presenting their official video for their song 'Lava' which is included in their upcoming album "Scarlet" set for release on March 6th.
..Lyrics for the song are available at the bottom of this post..
The album is gonna be heavier and sludgier than their previous releases and will contain plenty of screams, melodic vocals, metal drums and dirty bass lines. "Its dark and it’s Scarlet Red."
Rosy Finch band photo 2020 Rosy Finch band photo 2020 Rosy Finch - Scarlet artwork

current line-up
Drums: Juanjo Ufarte
Bass & Vocals: Oscar Soler
Guitars & Vocals: Mireia Porto

watch it on blogger:

Molten rocks leaving deep marks so fast
Keeping down
the noises of bloodshed
Silent storm...

Dust and lost in heaven
The burning core
waiting for a misery
Scared of him...

Once we taste the melt
The earth becomes fire,
Once you look at me
The earth becomes fire
and dies

The crust melts fast in every moment
Smashing heads!
Dip in boiling water…
Liquid skin
Razed to the ground by the fire
Burning witch!
No matter what you’ve done before…
Cause you’re the shit
The faith goes away!
Your soul burns in hell!

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