[Videotheque] Chipper - Brains on the Railings (ft.North Greece Riders)

CHIPPER have some really crazy friends that like freeboard (North Greece Riders) and they had a kickass idea to create a video for their song "Brains on the Railings" using footage that those lunatic freeboarder provided and the result was great! Enjoy it!

Chipper were created out of the ashes of Parafernelia when the singer moved to another city and the band decided to go on with a different name. They released their debut album Self Patrón on 11th January and you can listen to it through their bandcamp page.

I'm feelin' sick and dazy
I feel I'm left alone
My mind won't stop ringin'
They'll find what I owe

My head or my old wheels
My whiskey or my jeans
But I'm a foxy boy
I keep my country clean

And the Brains on the Railings..

Dollar's sign or rich man's body
Oil pulling ain't hard to do
Wear my Freedom Crown
I got some sh%$s to do

You look at me and say
"No Money God no Guts"
But I'm a crookin' bastard
I keep my country last

And the Brains on the Railings..
Ain't got a hold on me..

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