[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Loving Sweatshop

It's been a few months since the release of No Fake Bone's second EP "The Silver Monkey(read more here) and now they are presenting their first official video clip.
"Loving Sweatshop" is the song that actually gave the name "Against all Odds" to their debut album (2017). The video was shot during the summer of 2019 with the help of 'Matina' who did both the recordings and the editing.
The band has, since September started it's live appearances for the promotion of "The Silver Monkey" and their next scheduled live is for 21st December in Larisa @ Nevermind Music Room.

They weren’t so few the years I spent trying to find
The rules of life ‘n’ I saw that it would be a crime
To strive for reason, to reach and find the law of knife
It’s getting heavy this earth when you don’t defy

You say I am a saboteur of progress
But, sure enough, you’ve never tasted poverty
Where there’s no choice, there ain’t gonna be no change
There’s only grief and sadness, and we’re their prey

My loving sweatshop, my only home
The wheels are turning, I’m discarded by all
Dead serious, paralyzed and soaked
I’m sick of holding onto hope

It seems we have a long way to go before
The tide has turned, the world has changed, perish the thought!
Takes one to see one, how much money do you need?
Injustice strikes my heart ’cause they need to feed

Speaking the truth, I might have burst your lullaby
My desert lies ahead; you’ll find it in the crowd
Ungrateful prick... How could you bear the debt of flesh?
How could you pay, how would you pay the price of death, how would you pay?

My loving sweatshop, my very soul
Still on my feet, against all odds
Feels like I’m running, feels like I’m moving along
My part ain’t over, I’m poised to the core

watch it on blogger (720p)

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