[Quick Fixes] Alien Mustangs - Sunrays

Alien Mustangs - Sunrays
Alien Mustangs strike again! This time with a single release, a year and a half after their first full length album (Alienation, May 2018). 'Sunrays' has been released in 7'' vinyl by Hypnotic Bridge.
The first side contains the brand new song 'Sunrays' while side be contains a reprise of the song 'Forest' -which was included in the Alienation album- performed in a more ethereal way and without vocals.

In the same psychedelic 'forest' Alien Mustangs continue to walk the path that Loop and Spacemen 3 have lit for them while they are doing it on their own particular way. 'Sunrays' follows a quite familiar pattern which seems to be pretty characteristic for the band, it starts in a rhytmic but slow and hypnotic atmosphere and somewhere in the middle there is a mini blast that takes your listening pleasure to a whole different level.
Enjoy it below!

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