[Quick Fixes] Seer of the Void - Venom Black (single)

Seer of the Void - Venom Black
Seer of the Void is a Heavy/Doom trio from Athens, Greece. Formed in June of 2019 by Greg Maddog, Ilias Samartzis and John Amariotakis (Greg & John are also members of Dr.Awkward and the Screws). They state as their main infuences bands like Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Black Tusk, Cathedral, Candlemass while the also combine elements of Heavy, Sludge and Occult.

Yesterday they uploaded in their bandcamp page their first ever single "Venom Black" (listen below) and they informed us that they are currently working on the recordings for their debut album.

They also created a video for the song which is currently available on youtube. Enjoy!

band photo

watch video on blogger (720p)

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