[News] 2_NANOI, Six Steps Above the Earth, Ghone [live 12.Dec.'19]

2_NANOI, Six Steps Above the Earth, Ghone [live 12.Dec.'19]
Three experimental projects that lurk into Greece's heavy underground darkest depths are joining forces for a live appearance in Thessaloniki this December.

When: Thursday 12th December 2019 @ 9:00pm
Where: 8ball Club, Thessaloniki (Upstairs)
Entrance: €5
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info about the bands:
2 _ΝΑΝΟΙ are active since 1993, working either as a duet or in colaboration with other musicians. Their music style is mostly defined by free improvisation and experimental sounds while embedding elements of noise and free punk.
Panos Nanosguitars
Alexis Nanosdrums, percusion
Six Steps Above The Earth
band's quote:
Six Steps Above the Earth is the means to express our everyday emotions having as main 'tool' the heavy, slow and monotonous sound. The paths we usually follow are those of Doom, Drone and Doomgaze and in every release we try to add something different either by exploring new sounds or by collaborating with different musicians.
Drawing inspiration from the contemporary experimental composers of the electraccoustic scene as well as from the almost 'religious' monotony of the music tradition found in the countries of Indochina, from the ecstatic African and Balcan polyrhythmia and the meditative simplicity of ambient sounds, Ghone (known as John Kontan) presents a live performance of semi-improvisational works which sometimes find their way and become relases (in limited pieces) but mostly they are being created live and their life-span ends in the same geochronic point.

selected discogrphy:
“Sram Schet” (2019) - https://ghone.bandcamp.com/album/sram-schet
“Zagtel Jaar Mileit” (2017) - https://coherentstates.bandcamp.com/track/zagtel-jaar-mileit
“Rushing For Coal” (2015) - https://ghone.bandcamp.com/album/rushing-for-coal
“Amen.Ophis” (2012) - https://ghone.bandcamp.com/album/amen-ophis
“Varstatg Arre” (2012) - https://protosorofos.bandcamp.com/track/varstatg-arre

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