[Videotheque] Toothless Cage - Mars

Toothless Cage is a fairly new heavy rock band from Pombal, Portugal that recently (1st June) released its debut EP 'Mars'. Today they uploaded to their official youtube channel their first ever video they created for the opening track 'Mars'.
Enjoy it above and scroll lower for the lyrics.The band's EP is available in digital format in several platforms and in CD format through their bandcamp page.

Directed by: Toothless Cage and Rodrigo Silva
Produced by: Rodrigo Silva
Filmed by: Rodrigo Silva, Francisco Gonçalves and Diogo Contins
Special thanks to Orlando Ribeiro.
"Mars" was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Filipe Adubeiro @ Low Wave Studios

You gotta see this world
We are living in conspiracies
That makes us feel alive

With a lot of excuses
We feel pain and love
And all the things are coming to an end

I'm going to mars

We are fucking ants
Slaves of work for the sustenance of our little fucking lives

We're commanded by bastard grasshoppers
Who think they have power in us
Putting causes of integrity, environment, religion, war, ...
That makes us suffocate

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