[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Off the road (live session)

With this last live recording and video, for the song "Off the road", No Fake Bone completed their summer sessions!

"Off the road" is a new song that recites the experiences they had during a roadtrip in Indochina about a year ago as well as the thoughts and feelings they had from the images they perceived during this journey in Asia.
Lyrics are available below.

video credits:
Camera, Montage, Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Hugo Varvoglis.
Additional camera by Nikos Hatzievangelou.
Live Recording, Athens-Greece, June 2019.
I took a trip on the other side of this world  
It seemed like I was the same but everything was changed
I saw the moon right above and waters running off 
The sun distorting all shapes, I felt my skin blazed 
All the way from the south to the north I left my marks
And I’m crossing, I’m driving through freeways and cracks
Got my buddy to hold me but I’m missing my sax

So many sleepless faces, smiling over digital cases,
While the armies hail and the mines are frail ‘cause the war is for sale,
and it wasn’t that long ago when the tourists were the masters
and the missiles brought disasters
Now the kings have gold, and the rats rave the mould
Only slums off the road and I’m scared to see more

When freedom was our passion
When every road was open wide
No matter what it’ll cost me
I’ll never let that feeling behind

Asia, do you know you’re lost? Skyscrapers built over ancient ghosts
Jungles of homeless, helpless men. Women exposed, sickness drags again
Never lost my way when I went off the road,
Never stayed in the path, never keeping track
Never found a reason to resist the ride,
Never looking back… now just don’t look back
Give it all, have some more, throw some money, what do you want?
Live the life, pay the price, fuck a little, cold as ice

Off the road
Here I go
Lost my way
Found my soul

watch it on blogger (720p)

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