[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - City Girls (live session)

'City Girls' is a typical specimen of No Fake Bone's funky style with an extra added bonus because of the presence of sax 😉 and while musically it is full of summer vibes, there's a small contrast with the lyrical content which is somehow -interestingly- darker.

This is the third video from No Fake Bone's live summer sessions that has been made available, and it is a new song.The band's upcoming EP is scheduled for release this September.

The video was recorded live: Athens-Greece, June 2019.
Watch the previous two videos here: 1. Queen of the game, 2. Deep Freezing

Camera, Montage, Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Hugo Varvoglis.
Additional camera by Nikos Hatzievangelou.

New EP out in Autumn 2019.

Look at them city girls how do they twirl
Look at their dark skin glowing in the night
Listen to their voices, so warm when they holler
Smashing the red lights, so unique and plain

Once they love you; then they’re gone
Oh how they roar down the streets
Aggressive and mean
In battle redeemed

Clay moon on top, shadows on all forms
Their compass lost, see them gals break all codes
Just hear their swan song, brings tears to my eyes
Fighting for their strained lives

Look at them city girls with all their charm
Their angry, mad gaze right in your heart
Their fate was stolen, but now there’s a cause
The curtain rises, scream and applause

Bodies shaking, bodies aching
Try if you can to look away
Another velvet dream before you
Another dream that went astray

Now see my girls look out here they come
With all their loving gotta see them run
Always being hungry, never giving up on life
Always taking chances, never holding back
Says I one, two, three, when my city girls hold hands
then you know you gotta set them free

Will I ever wake up, to tell similar from same
Shouldn’t be afraid to see the dreaded show
Not another game, all my girls have a name
Explosive bravery like you’ve never seen before

watch it on blogger (720p)

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