[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Deep Freezing (live session)

NO FAKE BONE is a hard-funk'n'roll band from Athens, Greece thet recently released their brand new EP 'The Silver Monkey' (read a few words here). A few weeks ago they also had a live session where they recorded a video while performing their new song 'Deep Freezing' (scroll to the bottom for the lyrics).

A couple of weeks ago they also gave us another video from the same session for the song 'Queen of the Game" which is the opener of their 2017 debut album "Against all Odds" (watch it here).

Recently the announced that their new EP will be released this September and a live presentation has already been scheduled in Six d.o.g.s.
Live Recording, Athens-Greece, June 2019.
Camera, Montage, Recording, Mixing and Mastering by Hugo Varvoglis.
Additional camera by Nikos Hatzievangelou.

No Fake Bone is:
Yioula Stathopoulou vocals, sax
Stam Deliyiannis   guitar
Dimitris Kyriazis bass
Fotis Filippatos drum

Seventy years… don’t know what to do
(Into the ground… when I’m going down)
Had enough of this, I saw the end and now I’m through
Say after life… there’s only one place Ι might cool
But you dug too deep and I found myself in the land of the moon

I tried with words… that was not enough
And then came music… that was not enough
You know that booze… that was not enough
Let me out… life was not enough

The wind was crisp… I looked around the dunes
Far ahead I heard a band ripping some chilling bluesy tunes
Saw my love… The one that left so soon
Reunited with my sisters… now I know the story is true

They call it deep freezing
I found myself in the land of the moon
Deep freezing
Waving to you from the well of my doom

Seventy years… and I still got no clue
But you know that someday baby you’ll be dancing with me too
Then you’ll look back… to where you’re coming from
If you’re not forgotten don’t be sad that you were fucking gone

Seventy years… and then I found the truth
Only needed one more drink to see the joke’s on you
It’s too late… now the band is banging it for me
Seems the thing’s to live your every day the best way there can be

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