[Videotheque] Bonzai - Hopeseeker

Bonzai is a heavy rock band from Thessaloniki, Greece that last January (2019) released its debut album 'Seeds to Roots'. Their sound could easily be classified as typical stoner-desert with lots of 90s influences which will sound quite pleasant to the fans of the genre.

Although the are a fairly new band they have already shared the stage with bands like Kalamata, Planet of Zeus, Sasquatch and Brant Bjork! Just yesterday they released their first ever video for the song 'Hopeseeker' which is also the album opener. Enjoy it! Lyrics for the song are available at the bottom.

Directed & Produced by Elena Kontela
Camera Operator: Aris Antivachis
Production Assistant & Backstage Shooting: Gerasimos Kolaitis
Post Production: Elena Kontela, Aris Antivachis
Actors: Aggelaki Aggeliki , Denis Skamnas
Recording, mixing and mastering was done by Strutter Strutter in Valve Studio, Thessaloniki.

Bonzai band photo 2019

Bonzai is:
Giannis Omp guitars, vocals
Dmitri Parisis guitars
Matthew Οmp bass
Nicko Ridi drums

One little girl
One girl from space
She always says
She needs someone to help her

One pretty girl
One girl from east
She says I am not
I am not a fucking beast

Listen to me
My lovely girl
I try to help you
But baby I can't

I am not your girl
So I don't care
I am the scar
Inside your flesh

Stay close to me
Just hold my hand
Follow your path
Please don't stay back

I have a hole
Hidden in my tired soul
I have so damage
In my lungs

Breathe how to breathe
How to sleep how to sleep
How to...
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