[Videotheque] Fuel Eater - Who Am I?

This is the brand new video by Fuel Eater for their song "Who am I?" which was included in their second full lentgh release "Soberian Kinship(a few words here).
scroll lower on this post for the lyrics

Another official video by Fuel Eater is also available for their song "Cosmic Rifle", watch it here.
All at once, hypnotic trance
The world around, it starts to shiver
Walls melt, the clocks turn
Your throat is grabbed by something out of ether

The pores erupt with cold drops
The blades start to sing in your intestines
Temperature it comes and goes
Down to new lows or up at high progressions

Panicky and alone
In this wretched world of madness
Seeking a stepping stone
That is difficult to harness

Is it really you in there?
You need some air, can’t control the self around you
Echoes flash before your eyes
Are you to die, or is that a fake sensation

Nauseate from the headache
A false alarm, but breath is falling shorter
You can’t tell, for right and wrong
All now belong in your paraesthetic vortex
listen to the whole album here:

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