[Videotheque] Chew Gravel - Blind Spot

Chew Gravel have just given in public their brand new song "Blind Spot" accompanied with an official video. They are recently in the process of recording and producing their debut album. Stay tuned for more info soon!
Scroll to the bottom of this post for the lyrics. 
Chew Gravel is a Post Rock band with a variety of other influences, formed back in 2015, in Athens. A year later, in 2016, they recorded their first EP ,"Chinook", and in 2017 they presented their second EP, "Reflection", live at Six Dogs, and since 2017 they've been working on new songs for their first full length album.

All fears are gone now i know i was waiting for the dawn that's beyond the road 
And now i see all things that used to kill my freedom
Old days are gone and i walk and i wonder all alone
The flames are off i'm warm and i never find a sweater way

So if you need to leave
No point in guns find you resolve and live
You never want to see what's there your self destruction makes you blur
You only love your acid self

So wont you please believe
No point in guns there is more than fear to feel
Pain is so real and you should see its there reminding you to stay
And letting go wont make you free

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