[Videotheque] Lowbau - Mother Sun

Last month, Lowbau from Vienna, Austria have presented us their official video for their song "Mother Sun" which was included in their latest album "Urban Voodoo" (released: Dec. 2016).

A very nice piece of work, created by Hanna Wimmer.
(click here for the HD version.)

Here is the band's announcement for the presentation of their new official video:
We are not a band.
We are a hive.
A hive of dedicated, motivated, artistic and kindhearted people, who prove that passion is the genesis of their genius and friendship is the fuel for their vessel.
It’s the people who come to our gigs, the Romanian friends who made our banner, Montgomery Pifon who designs our artwork, the organizers who get us on stages and the bands we share that stage with, our friends in Konterhonz who helped us record our record, the sound engineers, the online radios, people with blogs, our hive is ever growing…
And so, it is with great honor we humbly say THANK YOU to Hannah and all people involved in the making of our latest video.
We feel truly blessed to have seen such sheer dedication from such a Brady Bunch.
Thank you for the hours you spent, the miles you traveled, the drones you flew and the performance you gave. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about light and dark, for getting the props, having finger cramps of holding a cam in the cold and thank you for having no life sitting behind a screen editing.
Thank you for being such cool people. We owe you big time.
Welcome to the hive boys and girls, keep going…
Brothers and sisters: “Mother Sun”

lowbau band photo 2016
pic by Christoph Ebner www.lama-ink.com

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