[News] Bat Signal spring tour 2019

Bat Signal spring tour 2019
Poster by Bewild Brother

Bat Signal, the punk'n'rollers from Thessaloniki, Greece are planning to hit the road again this spring and have already scheduled six live appearances together with Konepistooli and Warning! which both have just released their works through Terminal Records.

Three years ago, Bat Signal released their debut album "Straight Out of Midnight" (read a few words about it here)

Tour Schedule:
Monday 29 April - VIENNA | Austria
Sunday 30 April - KOLIN | Czechia
Wednesday 1 May - CHOMUTOV | Czechia
Thursday 2 May - BUDAPEST | Hungary
Friday 3 May - TIMISOARA | Romania
Saturday 4 May - SOFIA | Bulgaria

photo by: Elpida Chokmetidou

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