[Videotheque] Hound the Wolves - If Lost in Mind

Hound the Wolves - If Lost iin Mind
Portland, Oregon's Hound the Wolves is thrilled to announce the release of their first song and video “If Lost in Mind,”. The song is the leading track off their debut album Camera Obscura, dropping on February 14.

If Lost in Mind” provides a perfect taste for the flavor of Hound the Wolves’ creations. Brooding, alluring and mysterious in sonic and visual aesthetics, “If Lost in Mind” establishes the band as true instrumental wizards of metal and psych rock.

The music video was entirely a DIY effort, with the premise, shooting and post-production from their own skill. The eerie, ritualistic feel of the video leave the imagination yearning for what comes next.

more info:
Portland, Oregon’s Hound the Wolves liken themselves much to the climate that surrounds them - moody, mysterious and beautifully glum.
Their creations are rooted in cyclical repetition and contrast, sonically transforming ritualistic practice into dark and gritty psych metal and droned stoner rock. Fans of Earth, Neurosis and U.S. Christmas now have a new band to enjoy. 
On Ferbruary 14 they will release their debut album.

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