Greek Underground 2017 [-part 2-]

Greek Underground 2017 [-part 2-]
2017 was another quite productive year for the heavy underground allover the world and for the Greek Underground scene as well.

In an attempt to write down the releases of the Greek heavy underground that occupied our playlists the most during 2017 we came up with a pretty big list.
It wouldn't be useful if we presented you the whole list, so we've chosen the releases which in our opinion stand out for several reasons.

In other words, if anyone ever asked for suggestions concerning the Greek releases of 2017 these are the ones that we would definitely choose to suggest.

(The list is in alphabetical order) This is the second part
HERE you can read "Part-1".

Anal Veritas - Happy Estella
// Anal Veritas - Happy Estella // > read full review here <
"Happy Estella" balances between metal, post metal, sludge, hardcore, punk, with heavy riffage and solid drumming but without omitting melodic and atmospheric parts that flirt with post and doom aesthetics. The vocals are brutal and groovy and in some cases clean up to give a more 'sentimental' and melancholic tone to the whole aggressive stance of the album maintaining a nice equilibrium between the two, without losing in power or heaviness.

Breath After Coma - Leaders
// Breath After Coma - Leaders //
Two years after their first EP release, Breath After Coma from Athens are back with their debut full length album. With a very characteristic Seattle-like sound attitude, Breath After Coma managed to compose a very melodic album with a lot of heavy rock and groovy, grunge elements, characterized by a constant 'alternative' feeling and lyrics that will make you wanna sing along and have something to say in most cases. 'Leaders' is an album that it could be easily listened to by a variety of people with different musical backgrounds and that fact makes it kind of "pop", in a nice way.
Damirah - Lights and Guns and Fire
 // Damirah - Lights and Guns and Fire //
This album is probably among the best debuts of the last years in the local scene. Damirah from Patras came with this album and shook the waters in the post-rock scene and not only. "Lights and Guns and Fire" is a very melodic, instrumental post-rock album constantly oozing a 'strange' calmness which seems to shelter a power inside that is ready to explode any minute. This power, surfaces methodically from time to time creating magnificent crescendos that unwrap either in a melancholic or a more "colorful" way.
Kemerov - FMKD
// Kemerov - FMKD // > read full review here <
Kemerov are a fresh mix of punk, death and rock 'n' roll, from Serres, Greece. After lots of work, they released their first full length album entitled "FMKD" (FMKD stands for Feed, Mate, Kill, Die). Previously, in November 2015, they released a four-track EP which leveled up our expectations for their full-length work. "FMKD" is consisted of 11 (!) heavy tracks, inspired from Turbonegro and Entombed, to Cathedral and Bolt Thrower. In general, the album gets better after every hearing. Enjoy responsibly!

KRAUSE - 2am Thoughts
 // KRAUSE - 2am Thoughts //
Another great debut album but in a different genre than the ones above. KRAUSE's "2am Thoughts" is a pissed-off, swamped, noise rock album that is going to melt your brains and rattle the teeth out of your skull. Nine tracks with a total duration of about 34minutes, full of riffs, crunchy bass, saturation, clattering drum beats and mangled vocals buried under tons of noise and beyond any recognition. Click play and let the 'cleansing' begin... When the album ends, the word "calmness" will have a total new meaning for you.

Omegaray - ΩRAY
 // Omegaray - ΩRAY //
Omegaray is a quite new project in which George Karanikolas (member of the mighty The Last Drive) has put his signature and along Stefanos Flotsios (guitar/vocals), Mono Kaktos (percussion/vocals) and Kostas Loukopoulos (percussion) created "ΩRAY", a great debut album. Based on psychedelia it blends beautifully kraut elements, noisy atmosphere, folk and acid influences accompanied with lyrics (in Greek) that are in constant flirt with poetry. ΩRAY is an album that every time you listen to it you may discover something new...
Rollin' Dice - Way to the Sun
// Rollin' Dice - Way to the Sun //
Rollin' Dice's debut takes you to a trip back to the another era when classic rock 'beasts' where roaming this land. 'Way to the Sun' is a contemporary version of 70's hard rock with a bluesy touch and a heavy rock approach and vocals in the likes of Ronnie James Dio. Old fashioned blues-rock meets classic hard rock meets old school heavy metal attitude. This is an album that is going to sound very pleasant to a lot of people with different musical orientations and preferences.

The Curf - Death and Love// The Curf - Death and Love //
Ten years after their debut album and after a long hiatus 'The Curf' came back with a very pleasant surprise. Having changed their style to a more dark one and with a more doom attitude they presented us "Death and Love". This is a dark, heavy rock/doom album that will sound pretty classic in ones ears but it has something nostalgic in it's sound, in an alluring way. The band preferred to keep things simple and this fact worked in their favor. 'Death and Love' is a classic  groovy album that will probably make you come back and listen to it again and again.

The Dead Ends - Deeper the dark​,​ the brighter we shine
// The Dead Ends - Deeper the dark​,​ the brighter we shine //
'The Dead Ends' have been around since 2015 and this is their debut full album. "Deeper the dark, the brighter we shine" is a very nice mix of several of the trio's influences: classic psychedelic rock, folk, shoegaze, traditional Greek music, mixed together with a a big variety of 'enchanting' melodies. The result is a delightful neo-psychedelic album that generates inside us a lot of expectations for the band's future. Highly recommended for fans of old-school psychedelia.

The Road Miles - Ballads for the Wasteland
// The Road Miles - Ballads for the Wasteland //
This is the second full album by 'The Road Miles' that was released two years after their very successful debut "Gold and Shadows". The band continues on the same path that they started: dark, hazy, mystifying atmosphere, blues, americana and heavy rock patterns, melodic guitars, elegant but passionate vocals and a constant film-noir aesthetic. Despite the dark atmosphere it always gives you in the end the feeling that it is somehow cathartic and purifying. "Ballads for the Wasteland" gives me the impression that it could easily be a soundtrack for TV-series like "Firefly".

The Rosewood Brothers - Soul Blossom
// The Rosewood Brothers - Soul Blossom //
Last but not least: "Soul Blossom", the firs full release by The Rosewood Brothers which was released a month before the the end of 2017. We've been waiting for this album for quite a long time, since the band had only released two EPs, one in 2011 and another one in 2012. The band is mostly into modern electric blues oriented not so much towards a heavy rock/blues direction but rather towards a more gentle-groovy, atmospheric and even funk and soul direction. This is a very classic sounding album that would please either the heavy rock or the blues fan.

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