[Videotheque] Million Hollers - A Toast To Hedonism

'Million Hollers', the electric blues'n'roll trio from Salonica [GR] gave into publicity a video of their new song "A Toast to Hedonism". The band is in the process of producing a new release that should be ready sooner or later ;-)

Their two previous EP releases are available for free download through their bandcamp page.

I'm a time bomb that auto-reloads
this is my story
and I will tell it however I want
sing it as long
as it doesn't feed me no more
to spit songs
in new lows
and I keep sinking
and I keep thinking
of what I could have
what I could have lost
so let's all make a toast to hedonism!

> A year ago we published an interview of Million Hollers' singer, you can read it here (it's in Greek language) <

Short bio/info for the band:

'Million Hollers' is an electric blues'n'roll trio (female vocals, two guitars and a drummer - no plans in getting a bassist), formed August 2011 in Thessaloniki (Greece) sharing a crave for vintage sounds, keen on slide rings and the blues liberation front.

The name is derived from the African American work songs (hollers), precursors of the blues.

Notable bands they’ve opened for are The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Dead Meadow, Radio Moscow, Blues Pills.
Two releases so far by the Hands in Sand cooperative (This Is Nowhere, DeSades, Alien Mustangs):
[2013] 7" single entitled 'Million Hollers'

[2015] 10" EP entitled 'Once upon a whiskey'.

Band members:
LabReany: guitars, vox
Johnny: guitars
Jimmys: drums

facebook  |  bandcamp

photos by Ilias Antoniou

Million Hollers live photo Million Hollers band photo

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