Conium Drank Socrates show #18

Conium Drank the Socrates show #18 is now available on mixcloud. Enjoy!

01. Angelo Badalamenti Générique
02. A Culture Of Killing Bridges
03. A Culture Of Killing Victims
04. Corecass VOID I
05. Corecass VOID II
06. Dimos Vryzas Birds Shapes
07. Divide and Dissolve Oblique
08. Divide and Dissolve Prove it
09. Duso & Costis Drygianakis - Dog House On A Tree: Part I
10. Low Texture - Are You Really There
11. Hugo Kant Melancholia
12. Il Quadro Di Troisi - Beata
13. Son of a Lizard - Subatomic Particles in Indigo Celebration
14. John Carpenter Weeping Ghost
15. Krav Boca Souterrain
16. Krav Boca Carte Postale
17. Ohhms Alive
18. NΥΞΗ Δυσοίωνο μέλλον
19. Leeches A Plague In The heart of Life
20. The Body The City Is Shelled
21. The Body They Are Coming

Cover : Divide and Dissolve (Oceania)

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