Downtuned needs your HELP

Spam my ass! Fuck you Zuck!
 Downtuned needs your HELP
Those of you that follow us on facebook you already know that we hardly make 4-5 posts a week, and those posts usually link to bands, articles, our radio, bandcamp etc.

According to facebook we post TOO OFTEN and we should stop that. Facebook MARKED downtuned's URL as SPAM  and no link that contains the domain name "" is allowed to be posted by anyone on facebook. In addition facebook hid all the links that we and everyone else shared on facebook that contained our URL.

All this happened without even a single warning and without giving us any real explanation regarding the reasons. We already had enough reasons to stop our activity in facebook and Zuck is giving us one more reason to do so. There is no logic in all this shit...

Despite the fact that we are really pissed off and we aren't really in the mood of coming back to facebook (yes we are really considering to stop all our activity in there) we feel that we really have to do one last thing:

We feel obliged to all the bands and artists that shared their music with us and we want to try and at least bring back all the links that are now hidden by FB. 
 *** And here is how you can help us ***
  • - Login to your account on facebook and try sharing our URL (
  • - Right after you try to share the link, facebook will let you know that "You can't share this link" because it violates their Community Standards (my ass!) but it will give you the option to complain by clicking "let us know" and messaging the FB admins.
  • - Please click "let us know" and in the text box that will appear send a message to the FB admins (e.g. "This is a false spam alert, is not a spam website") 
  • - If a number of users do this and message FB that this is false spam alert there is a chance that we can at least get our old posts back. WE WOULD BE REALLY GRATEFUL if you helped us on this.
 fuck facebook spam
 Thanks in advance!

P.S.: No matter how this story with facebook ends, Downtuned will still continue to be active as a magazine and radio. Yes, we currently don't have the free time we had in the past but we'll be keeping it alive.

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