[News] The Bad Light - Looking to Find

This song by 'The Bad Light' was recorded on 19th & 20th of January 2019 for a special reason, with Raya Hefferman on synth and vocal. The band is trying to support financialy the recovery process of their vocalist Celeste who was diagnosed with cancer and the release of this song is part of that effort.
Read below the band's announcement and support the cause if you wish.
There is also a GoFundMe campaign running since October
If you follow us on social media you might be aware that late in 2018 our singer Celeste was diagnosed with cancer, now a few months into this terrible ordeal things are starting to settle and Celeste is working hard on getting her body and mind healthy again, if you know anything about the state of our American healthcare system you know what a bloodsucking machine it is set up to be and people go into large debt daily in this country while trying to get the help they need, on that note we wanted to record a song and put it out there to try and raise some extra funds for Celeste in her ongoing struggle, ALL proceeds derived from this song will go to directly to Celeste.

It is our goal as a band to try new things so we asked our friend Raya if she would be interested in collaborating on this song with us, Raya has been playing and participating in the local scene for years and we were beyond stoked for her to come on board and record this song with us, the dark 80's keys and her style of singing gave us an uncharted palette for the band to play in and it was really exciting to hear the song come together in the studio.

Like all the other songs in this demo series it was all recorded on 2" tape, mixed live on the board and dumped to digital for as close to analog as we can get, hope you like it.
Regardless of your political leanings please take the time to think through how important it is to elect leaders that will change the way healthcare is done in this country, the way it works now is absolutely shameful and no matter how "healthy" you live YOU WILL need it someday, access to affordable healthcare in a modern society is a human right, no one should have to choose between paying rent or getting medical attention and the vampires that get fat from the way the system works now need to be rooted out.
-Edu Cerro
song Lyrics:
I've been scattered for so long, drifting in and out of form
Not a tendril sweet to hold not a tendon latched to bone

I was swimming through dark oceans, didn't know there was a shore
Till I'd seen that you'd been hollering, lighting fires into stone

I'm looking to find

I was sleeping on my mind and didn't see your diamonds shine
They were hidden in a whisper spoken back when time began

I'm looking to find

Write it on my heart, I'll wear it on my sleeve

I'm looking to find
I'm looking to find my
I'm looking to find my way
I'm looking to find my way around
I'm looking to find my way around you
I'm looking to find my way around your sun

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