[News] Grandmaster Cockroach - Ecstacy (single)

Grandmaster Cockroach is a fairly new band, formed  in 2017 in Athens and it's a actually a rock-duo with bass and drums. Loukas Giannakitsas sings and plays the bass and Panagiotis Siamantis is the man behind drum. Those two guys decided to form Grandmaster Cockroach with the idea that two people are enough to produce an original and at the same time, a 'complete' sound.

They have announced that soon they will have their debut album "Music For Lousy Speakers" ready and they also promised to send us their tracks as soon as they are ready. Until then, they gave us a single just to introduce themselves to us and to the public. The song is titled "Ecstacy", click play on the youtube window above ;-)
'' ecstasy (/ ɛkstəsi /) "
An emotional or religious frenzy. A trance-like state of absolute euphoria, originally one involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.

Grandmaster Cockroach released their debut single, and that is Ecstasy !!

Grandmaster Cockroach - Ecstacy

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