[News] HALF Gramme of SOMA, Under the Sun, Knock Nevis, live [2.Nov.'18]

HALF Gramme of SOMA, Under the Sun, Knock Nevis, live [2.Nov.'18]
A few days before they begin their first ever European tour, HALF Gramme of SOMA are hitting the stage of Temple for a live gig along with Under The Sun and Knock Nevis.

When: Friday 2 November @ 20:30
Where: Temple, Athens
Entrance: €7

 - Half Gramme of SOMA   (read about their latest release here)
We've talked about those fuckers countless times so there's no need to introduce them again ;-)
Heavy rock'n'roll band, existing since 2011, their second album is included among the best Greek underground releases of 2017.

- Under the Sun
Under The Sun is a 5-member band, based in Athens, Greece. The band was formed in 2015. They have participated in many festivals and live shows and their top moment was their entry to "Road to Desertfest" competition at Street Mode Festival where they won a spot at the lineup of Desertfest Athens 2017. They describe their music as sludgerotic heavy rock. Their first release VOL I (tribute to the 70’s 'beasts') was made on January 2018.

- Knock Nevis
Rock'n'roll trio, existing since 2017, after one year of rehearsing they decided to join the rest of the "smoking community" on stage. They started as a project with only drums and guitars but along the way bass and vocals were added and the band started taking shape, with only purpose to express their music through different musical forms. "Knock Nevis" was the biggest supertanker ever constructed.

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