[Quick Fixes] Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 4

Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 4
Step 4 is a lonely step... It fulfills the need for a more monotonous and noizy expression externalized with the slow tempo and the heavy sound which after alla are the basic characteristics of the band.

"Post_Black_Punk is the the spiritual leader that keeps as alive in this chaotic daily routine."
This is the 4th release of the band and it surely is the darkest, kind of an esoteric ritual. The title "Post_Black_Punk" obviously gives you a small hint of what you are going to hear once you hit play.

Step 4 is released in cassette tape format in a special 20-piece edition. Side B of this tape is a jam session with Ghone, a session which captured those magic moments where musicians travel through music exchanging feelings and experiences.

Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 4
 High quality limited edition (20 copies) cassette tape with sticker, Button and postcard miniature

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