[News] 9th River of Souls Festival [28.Jul.'18]

9th River of Souls Festival [28.Jul.'18]
The time has come for the 9th River of Souls festival!
Four bands will be rocking your Saturday night in the bank of Acheron River, the river of souls

When: - Saturday 28 July 2017 @ 8:30pm -
Where: Acheron River, Vouvopotamos

- see the exact location on the map -

*** F R E E   E N T R A N C E ***

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The Sound Explosion (garage punk)
The Basements ('60s garage punk, r'n'r)
The Aqua Barons (surf)
The Jammers
(blues, garage)

-- A few words about the bands --

// The Sound Explosion //
The Sound Explosion is a Greek garage rock revival band formed in 1991 in Athens, Greece. Its line up is: John Alexopoulos (vocals, 6 and 12 string Vox guitar, harmonica), Dimitrios Dimopoulos (Bass guitar, backing vocals), Stelios Askoxylakis (Farfisa organ, maracas, backing vocals) and Stavros Daktylas (drums, tambourine). The band has played several concerts in Greece with bands like The Fuzztones, Dead Moon, Sick Rose ,Cynics ,the Others The Marshmallow Overcoat and co and in BEAT FESTIVAL in Italy 2005. The band split up in 1997, but reunited during the early 2000s. In the end of 2017 they start to record a new 14 song album after 24 years with general title "The explosive sounds of...The Sound Explosion." The album contains 14 new songs and time seems to have stopped. What is it that makes their sound so special? Their stunning rhythm and their songs dipped in fuzz and farfisa, that do not let you breathe. Taking their inspiration from all the classic and the most obscure American garage bands of the 60's, they have created a statement of how a true garage band should sound! A record that gonna melt on the turntable of each fan. They’re back to turn on the fuzz!!!! 

// The Basements //
"The Basements" were formed in 2009 in Thessaloniki, Greece and they are one of the most explosive garage bands of the local scene. After several changes in their line-up the current members are: John - vox, harmonica, maracas, tambourine, Nick - guitar vox, Kostas – bass, Alex - farfisa organ, Dimitris - drums.
Heavily influenced by the '60s US garage bands they have managed to create a solid and explosive sound with groovy rhythm section and powerfull vocals, fuzzed-out guitars and a loud farfisa sound.
So far they've shared the stage with big bands like the The Sonics and The Fuzztones and they always deliver great shows making people dance like crazy with their endless energy.
Discography: 2010 - 7'' EP "Heart of stone", 2012 - "Im dead" 2014 - 7'' split with The Sound Explosion, 2016 - "Lost"

// The Aqua Barons //
The Aqua Barons were formed in January 2010 in Leheo, (Corinth, Greece) by the two brothers Petros & Philippos Sotiropoulos. Soon the band started gigging covering mostly surf standards. After a long period of inactivity they make their comeback in the Summer of 2013. Their love for traditional surf sound, with guitars drenched with reverb and fuzz, coming from true vintage equipment is their trademark. They appear in the Discography for the first time in the all Greek surf bands compilation “Search for Atlantis” ( Green Cookie records 2014) with two tracks. “Surfer Joe festival 2015” in Italy and stage appearances with some of the worlds top surf bands is what follows. Their debut album "Southeast Stompers" was released in 2016 from Green Cookie Records.
Current line-up: Petros Sotiropoulos (guitar), Antonis Ballis (bass), Ilias Athanasopoulos (drums).
// The Jammers //
"The Jammers" is the guest band of this festival. The band was born (originally as "The Jammers Blues") somewhere between the dark waters of Acheron River and the muddy waters of Lake Acherousia. For many years they were wandering around this dark area playing their cursed blues until six years ago where one night they mysteriously disappeared. This year they are back in their place of birth, the River of Souls! They are here to jam and mix the blues with rockabilly and garage sounds and play the covers that we loved.

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