[News] Pizza by Force festival [01.July'18]

Pizza by Force festival [01.July 2018]
---- Pizza By Force Festival ---
Sunday 1 July 2018
doors open @ 6:00pm
Place: PIZZA CRUST, Protogenous 13, Athens

Sunday afternoon, you eat Pizza By Force and you listen to the following 'morons' unfolding and presenting their 'artistic visions':
// The Great Black Shark // (ATH, Pink Noise Rock)
They leave Aegean behind and they bite with a breath that stinks Dutch cheese and depression.

// Onatree // (ATH, Progressive Pop Punk)
Young and attractive, with enchanting vocals and and seductive fragrance, if they get u drunk... it's over.

// Kalong // (ATH, Disco Grindcore)
Appearing in Greece for the first time after their ultra-succesfull tour abroad. They continue to follow the tradition of the "eatable-merch" they only appear in places where food exists.

// Qualia and the Five Ancestors of the Great Maryland Kingdom // (ATH, Epic Heroic Punk)
Their name is bigger than it should be, but the shrink told us to always respond with "yes" to them.

The gig starts early (and always sexually) so that it will finish early. You wake-up from the Sunday morning hangover, make a tepid bath to feel better, drink coffee and smoke two cigarettes, and after you wash your hands walk down to the fest-ground.

PIZZA CRUST, Protogenous 13, Athens
doors: 18:00
starts: 19:00
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