[Quick Fixes] Comacozer/Blown Out split ''In Search of Highs Vol.1''

Comacozer/Blown Out split ''In Search of Highs Vol.1''
This split LP between Austalians COMACOZER and the British BLOWN OUT was sold out in only 3 days time! But you can still enjoy this remarkable release digitally through bandcamp.
If you are already into space/psychedelic and jam/improvisation music there's a big chance that no introductions are necessary.
Especially for Blown Out that already are a well established band in this sound.
As for Comacozer, following their split-buddies example they are walking a similar course having already 5 releases in their 'armory'.

This the first slab in a new split LP series titled 'In Search Of Highs' by Riot Season Records.

Both the bands here are instrumental trios, BLOWN OUT (UK) & COMACOZER (Australia) are interlinked by history and their shared love of sonic psych explorations and both are here for Phase 1 of this cosmic experience.
You will no doubt already know the two bands gracing this first slab of wax. They're from worlds apart, geographically that is, but musically are very much on the same plain.

Both bands have multiple releases behind them, and this one is sure to pick them up new fans aplenty.

Blown Out deliver three relatively short (for them) blasts, channelling their inner Stooges/Marble Sheep coming on like grand funk space lords. Three tracks of groove sonics and head changes.

Comacozer go the opposite route and slide in with another of their trademark epic trips, that sucks everything around it into it's own cosmic gloop with a 20 min improvised jam!

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