[News] 4LT. & Downtown Association [Live 10/5.Thes & 11/5.Ath]

4LT. & Downtown Association live gigs (Thes.10/5 & Ath.11/5)
“4LT.” (Athens) and “Downtown Association” (Thessaloniki), join forces for a double live gig in Thessaloniki (Thu.10.May) and Athens (Fri.11.May). The explosive hard rock tunes of Downtown Association meets the melodic alternative heavy rock of 4LT for two gigs full of hard and heavy music, accompanied with special guests in each town.

In Thessaloniki they will gladly share the stage with local alternative metallers “Circus Veil” and the straight up rocker “Soundbound”. In Athens the line up is filled with Corinthians, country/boogie Rockers “Drunk Jackals”, which will present songs from their latest album release “Countryside”.

Thessaloniki | Thursday 10 May
Eightball Club @ 21:000
Entrance: €5 


Athens | Friday 11 May
The Crow Club @ 21:00
Entrance: €5

// 4 LT. //
4LT. is an alternative rock band originating in Athens, Greece. They were founded in 2006 by brothers Panos Varvas (guitars) and John Varvas (vocals) and Alex Kritikos (bass guitar). They recorded and released their debut EP, titled "Mr Time" in 2010 and right after that, Antonis Kanaras (drums) was added to the line-up. Their second, self-titled EP was released in 2014 and their debut full length album, titled "Puppet Syndrome Society" was released in December 2016, with the support of Los Almiros Records (the label orchestrating Los Almiros Festival, one of the biggest rock music festivals in Greece).
Not much later, guitarist Criss Razis joins in, being the final addition to 4LT.'s line-up and fulfilling the band's need for more complete and solid musical arrangements. "Puppet Syndrome Society" is handsdown a masterpiece of American-sounding alternative rock, combining the stadium friendly attitude of Foo Fighters, with the songwriting skills of Pearl Jam and the modern approach of Deftones with the powerful groove of Incubus, consisting of memorable melodies and even some synth-driven moments that remind of Muse.
With Greek alternative scene rising slowly but steadily, delivering quite a few releases of the highest quality, 4LT. raise the standards even more with what seems to be one of the best releases coming out of the underground scene of the Mediterranean Sea in the past decade. 4LT.'s energetic and emotional live performances is probably the reason why the band is oftenly praised by the audience and the local musical press.

// Downtown association //
Downtown Association is the outcome of some dead-serious bastards weirdly met under unknown situations forming an urban-toxic rock'n'roll ensemble. On our streets you can find the mastermind of late-night-destruction George Matikas (Shock Absorber) harassing his guitar to the rhythm of the city, beating 'round the bush and onto the drumset Tasos D. (Prassein Aloga) turns up the heat and raises the volume passing it to Nik Danielos (Bend for Eleven, Blue Flames) who breaks his bones for the cause while making it happen, leading nowhere but to nothing, the architect of decay and the frontman of the horde Dean Mess (W.A.N.T.E.D.). Started as George's nightmare and later founded on the same ground with the rest of the associates, sworn to raise hell after messing with a few tunes. The debut album 'City Guide' was recorded in the beginning of 2016 and brought a first circle of attention with lots of good reviews.

Thessaloniki specials guests

// Circus veil //
Circus Veil's journey starts back in 2012 at Thessaloniki, Greece, forging their name as a high energy Alternative Metal band. It wasn't before 2013, when they released their first self-titled Demo and while having the road open ahead, a couple of years later the gang released 4 new Singles and later their first E.P. called “A.R.” came to life via Straight From The Heart Records. 
Currently, the band has already released their Brand-New Album via Into The Limelight Records! It’s name? Nu Life, a NEW Life Experience for the listeners. Their stage performance is often being referred as “THE non-stop adrenaline Rock n’ Roll show” by reviewing webzines. Until now the gang has already visited most parts of Greece, rocking every single city on their way. Moments of great significance would be the times when Circus Veil shared the stage with John Lynn Turner (Deep Purple), Enforcer, Laki Ragazas (Mystic Prophecy, Devil’s Train), Adept, Barb Wire Dolls, Kin Beneath Chorus and many more foreign and local artists.

// Soundbound //
SoundBound is a 4-piece straight up rock band from Thessaloniki, GR. Started in 2016. Currently they are working on their own songs.

Athens specials guests

// Drunk Jackals //
“Drunk Jackals” where formed in February of 2015 in Corinthus 'desert'. The band-members love for American and British 60’s and 70’s rock brought them together. Since then they have consumed time,energy and appetite in rehearsals, recordings and being on the road for gigs in several places in Greece.
The band is consisted from Teo//vocals, Leslie//guitar, Polish//bass and Panagos behind the drum kit. They already had the chance to share the stage with several bands like: Screaming Dead Balloons, Mr. Highway Band, 1000mods, Wish Upon A Star, Deaf Radio, Mode Plagal, Ganzi Gun, Sum Guys, Duoyu, Salto Mortale, ΚΡΑΑΚ, participating in gigs and festivals around Greece (Tris & o Cookos Festival, το Ziria Festival, το Livadoura Rock Festival, το SIX D.O.G.S., Ghost House, η Αρχιτεκτονική, Rock Sinantisi Kiatou, Μπη Σάιντ, Artichoke and others in Corinthus, Patra, Athens and Chania. 
Their First Album “Countryside” was released in October 2017 and you can stream through Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp.

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