[Quick Fixes] Skiska Skooper - Pink Harlot

Skiska Skooper - Pink Harlot
On 6th of February 2018, the Belgian noise rock trio "Skiska Skooper" released a brand new single under the title "Pink Harlot". This single comes exactly one year after their first 4-track demo-tape and it shows pretty clearly the "sonic direction" that they chose to follow.

Despite the fact that their noisy style was pretty obvious even from the demo, this single is the first sample of Skiska Skooper's attempt to make a proper production on their music.

In their own words:
SKISKA SKOOPER is the musical equivalent to a kick in the face. Skewed guitars, distorted vocals, warped synths and droney drums invade your comfort zone and take you to a trancelike state. As you start to drift away, you realize you won’t be able to forget this experience any time soon.

"Pink Harlot" is a single track from their upcoming album "Universal Space Shifter" that is scheduled to released on April 2018. A video was also created for "Pink Harlot" and it is available for you to watch below. Take a small taste of SKISKA SKOOPER's sound now and be ready on April for the full album. We surely are eager...

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below there is also a live video of SKISKA SKOOPER from Luminous Dash 2018:

photos taken from: vi.be

Skiska SkooperSkiska Skooper Skiska Skooper Skiska Skooper

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