Releases, in threes [#3] the Grunge Chapter

Entry #3: the Grunge Chapter.
10 CODE - "Swiftlets" |
NARCOSIS - "Road to Ifinity" |
(In "Releases, in threes" three albums of about the same genre or attitude (or not) are reviewed in brief. Probably one would enjoy listening the three of them in a row, no matter the order.)

10 Code - Swiftlets (2016)
10 Code - Swiftlets (2016, Greece)
The band about themselves: alternative rock, grunge
Us about the band: high energy alternative rock with grungy attitude.
Facts: debut full-length, 3rd release (1EP & 1single preceded).
Short comment: high energy
Strong point: I can't imagine more suitable vocals. 
We want... to catch this band live a.s.a.p.
Name origin: "Ten-codes" represented common words or phrases and were used for fast communication among CB users. (more info here)
For a quick taste... press play on Transmitter.
More info: bandcamp | website | facebook

Breath After Coma - Leaders (2017)
Breath After Coma - Leaders (2017, Greece)
The band about themselves: Heavy driven, groovy, alternative rock with melodic outbursts and personal lyrics. Influenced by grunge, classic and stoner rock.
Us about the band: grungy alternative rock.
Facts: debut full-length, 2nd release.
Band moto: We live, we jam, we speak the truth. We rock, we walk, we seek the roots
Short comment: hard, loud music with a hidden, sentimental temperament that always lurks and surfaces quite often.
Strong points: the lyrics, the melodies.
Best place to enjoy it: on warm summer night with a partially clouded, moon-lit sky.
For a quick taste... press play on Leaders.
More info: bandcamp | website | facebook

Narcosis - Road to Infinity (2015)
Narcosis - Road to Infinity (2015, Greece)
The band about themselves: Alternative/Heavy Rock
Us about the band: Alternative rock with a BIG dose of Seattle grunge.
Facts: debut full-length
Short comment: there are times you think that Cobain is behind the microphone.
Strong points: the melodies, the vocals, the heavy outbursts, the harsh, raw sound.
We want... a new full length and a tour. To catch them live on a summer fest.
Best places to enjoy it: anywhere, with the appropriate amount of booze.
For a quick taste... press play on Out of my Way.
More info: bandcamp | youtube | facebook

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