Releases, in threes [#1] a 'Hard Rock' case

Entry #1: a 'Hard Rock' case.
BLACK HAT BONES - "Born in a Thunder"  | 
STRESS CASE SCENARIO - "Too Late To Save Us"  | 
MINORFASE - "Thoughts"  |

(In "Releases, in threes" three albums of about the same genre or attitude (or not) are reviewed in brief. Probably one would enjoy listening the three of them in a row, no matter the order.)

Black Hat Bones - Born in a ThunderBlack Hat Bones - Born In A Thunder (2017, Greece)
The band about themselves: Adrenaline fueled rock'n'roll.
Us about the band: hard rock with rock'n'roll attitude. Their gigs are great parties.
Facts: 2nd full album. Way better production than the debut.
Short comment: 101% radio-friendly tracks.
Strong points: Highly enjoyable compositions, with no excesses. Great vocals.
We want... an album where the band will reinvent themselves, because they can.
Best places to enjoy it: Driving down the highway. Drinking beer in the local pub.
For a quick taste... press play on 'Thunderborn'
More info: bandcamp, facebook

Stress Case Scenario - Too Late to Save Us Stress Case Scenario - Too Late to Save Us (2017, Greece)
The band about themselves: Beer driven hard & heavy rock.
Us about the band: Groovy, hard, rock'n'roll.
Facts: debut EP. Inspiration drawn by the stressful city life.
Short comment: Remarkable first release, a promising start!
Strong points: Solid & groovy. Rock'n'roll attitude. Great vocals.
We want... a full album soon.
Best places to enjoy it: In your boss' office, the moment you announce you're quitting this crappy job.
For a quick taste... push play on 'Jericho'
More info: youtube, facebook

Minofase - Thoughts
Minorfase - Thoughts (2017, Greece)
The band about themselves: A chemical reaction caused by mixing hard rock, metal and grunge 'substances'.
Us about the band: Groove oriented hard rock.
Facts: debut album. 2 official videos (Thoughts, Moneymaker)
Short comment: Larissa City strikes again! 
Strong points: Nice riffs and melodies. Vocals suit perfectly with their musical style.
We want... them to stay away from any NOLA references in their style.
Best places to enjoy it: In a dirty underground bar. Your local strip club.
For a quick taste... push 'play' on 'Thoughts'
More info: bandcamp, facebook

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