[Review] Book of Wyrms - Sci-fi/Fantasy

Book of Wyrms - Sci-fi/Fantasy
Book of Wyrms is a band from Richmond, Virginia – USA. Their debut album with the title “Sci-Fi / Fantasy” was released on January 1st and in vinyl last spring by Twin Earth Records. The vinyl copy I own has a beautiful orange/yellow color and a lovely warm, analogue sound.

The band mainly plays heavy rock with doom elements, although heavy psych and blues influences are also present and can be spotted in their compositions, moreover, several intricate guitar passages could be rather characterized as jazz. The ethereal female vocals do not dominate music but are more of an additional instrument matching perfectly with the general atmosphere.

Book of Wyrms - Sci-fi/Fantasy (vinyl)The above facts along with the quality of their playing and the aesthetic of their compositions show that the band has worked a lot to produce this result and the members are all pretty talented and know how to work together. They are producing a dark music landscape that tends to strip the mind and create archetypal feelings with lyrics that contribute to the whole atmosphere, and themes related with dragons, witches, the dark, the occult.

The tracks are more of a musical journey than distinct songs. Riffs and musical parts succeed one another in a beautiful continuous flow with no need of following the conventional structure of a verse – chorus form.
Book of Wyrms band photo
In conclusion, this is an excellent album, a must-listen for any heavy rock/doom fan, one of the most interesting debut albums for 2017 and a great promising start for Book of Wyrms.

by Nikos Z. 

P.S.: Book of Wyrms along with Heavy Traffic are currently on a tour together. Check the dates and venues in the schedule below.
Heavy Traffic / Book of Wyrms tour

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