[News] Hidden In the Basement tour 2017

Hidden In the Basement tour 2017
HIDDEN IN THE BASEMENT from Larisa, Greece are hitting the road this summer! They will be touring Eastern Europe on the second half of July to promote their latest release "Behind the Shadow".
Below are the tour dates, the cities and the venues that were announced.

14.07 Sofia (BG) - Bar Adams
15.07 Bucharest (RO) - Hybrid
16.07 Varna (BG) - Club Smile
17.07 Krusevac (SRB) - Zamajac
18.07 Novi Sad (SRB) - Suburbia
19.07 Budapest (HU) - Showbarlang
20.07 Sombor (SRB) - Kafan U Sokaku
21.07 Satu Mare (RO) - Backdoor Pub
22.07 Targu Jiu (RO) - Piano

also, after returning to Greece
they will be participating in IN-FEST (Kilkis) on 29 July
 and in Festival Vrisis Tirnavou on 25 August

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