[Review] Deaf Radio - Alarm

'Alarm' is one of the most interesting debuts that I've listened to, let's say the last months. 'Deaf Radio' are not trying to impress, they are not pretending to be anything that they are not, they are what they are, they do what they do and they do it well.
They are not afraid to emphasize on their musical influences because they seem to have assimilated and mastered them and they are comfortable with that.
For starts, in every each one of their compositions the vocals play the role of the "extra instrument", varying from low and melodic, to a more energetic, 'british'-style or even post-punk style. The guitars are continuously flirting with grungy tones and riffs while the bass and drums are preferring a more post-punk approach in many cases.
The quality of the compositions is a definite witness that the band has worked a lot to reach this result and they didn't rush to release this album before it was 100% ready to be released, from every aspect.
For those who love to put 'labels' in every album they get in their hands, I would say that Deaf Radio's style in this album qualifies as 'heavy rock', with many post-punk influences with a definitely guitaristic approach.
This album is a 'must listen' for everyone that enjoys heavy rock, grunge, post-punk and generally for everyone that enjoys good music, because it is likely that he will find something interesting among the 9 tracks of this album. ;-)

listen here:

δεαφ ραδιο αλαρμ

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  1. great album indeed! Can't wait to see how they will evolve