[Review] Nonsun - Black Snow Desert

Nonsun - Black Snow Desert
Planet earth, year 2866. Earth's surface as well as the climate has changed through decades of terraforming processes to something completely different. Nothing resembles to the old Earth, new forms of life which would suit to a prehistoric landscape have appeared.
Mankind only by pure luck has escaped total extinction and the few survivors are wandering on the earth's inhospitable surface among the ruins searching for safe shelter.

Post-apocalyptic scenario of a sci-fi movie? Yes. And how it is related with the Ukranian band 'Nonsun'? With the band itself probably not but their brand new album 'Black Snow Desert' would suit perfectly as the soundtrack of such a movie.

An album with a duration of 84 minutes where doom gets mixed with drone sounds and a lot of sludge and post-metal elements creating a unique and dark atmosphere which would suit to the dystopic landscape described above.

The Ukranian duet, Bohdan (guitar) and Andriy (drums) play together since 2011 and with their releases have already shaken the waters twice in the past  (2012-Good Old Evil, 2013-Sun Blind Me) as well as with their live appearances, with a very characteristic moment: the opening for Pallbearer in Poland (2014).

If you were convinced, take the next step and press play below. Just pick the right moment and the right mood ;-)

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