[Review] Killer Boogie - Detroit

Killer Boogie - Detroit

Killer Boogie is a brand new band, fitting perfectly in the 70’s retro scene. With members from Black Rainbows and Wisdoom, this band is already experienced, so everyone would expect a very mature and whole album, which is the case. “Detroit” was released last month via Heavy Psych Sounds.
Three tracks, “My Queen”, “Golden Age” and “Riding the Wind”, were already out there for streaming, plus that “My Queen” has a video, so we knew that we should expect fuzzy riffs… and some more fuzz, too!

Killer Boogie - DetroitThe first track is named “Bad Rebel” and the Italian trio fulls the room with fast garage-blues sounds from the very first minute. The next two tracks are known to most of the people, which are “Riding the Wind” and “My Queen”. “Riding the Wind” is a more acid track, while “My Queen” has some great fuzzy solos and it’s a complete riff killer track. “Flower” is next and it follows a sexy and messy garage jam. “The Golden Age” is also already known and continues the messy acid blues feeling and solos, which you can feel surrounding the whole album. “Cosmic Eye” is our personal favorite track and combines all the adjectives we’ve already suggested ; it’s sexy, messy, acid bluesy, garage and psychedelic at the time! We dive into psychedelia for 4 minutes in a row - the half of the track - and we’re very curious to hear it live someday! “Summertime” is the most purely psychedelic track from “Detroit”, taken out form the 60’s. 

Killer Boogie - Detroit
“Silver Universe” must be an ode to all those feels that Black Sabbath’s “Solitude” brought to the current rock scene, and if it isn’t, it reminds us of that unique 70’s vibe. For closure, “Dynamite” is on the other side of the road of its previous track and it’s a killer; hard rock riffs with lots of fuzZ. As a whole, guitars won’t stop showing us perfect bluesy solos, while the drums are ritual and artistic for the kind - something that gives the band the perfect sense of groove. We shouldn’t forget to mention bass guitars too, which add the perfect balance between the 70’s groove and blues. Vocals are fuzzy too, without the epic touch that it’s tend to be heard on the retro scene, something that must be appreciated and it shall be measured as a characteristic that stands out for the band, marking their sound. “Detroit” has 9 tracks in total and the Italian trio is making clear everything about their musical intentions; from proto-punk to acid blues, all together in the recent-years-favorite label, vintage rock. The first release of Killer Boogie is absolute great and combines what we want to hear from a retro blues garage album. Their colorful artwork was made by Starcade Designs. We hope to watch them live soon and we’re sure that their start will establish them among other great bands on the 70’s revival scene. 

by Gaia

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