[Interview] Down with Forsaken Memoriam [GR]

Welcome to Downtuned. Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started? How did you meet?
Hello, Forsaken Memoriam is a heavy rock band formed in mid-2011 in Heraklio , Greece, with Adonald on vocals and bass guitar, Vouts on the lead guitar, Jesper on the rhythm guitar and Leonidas on the drums. 6 months later, Vouts was replaced by Manos. In July 2013 George joined the band as a bassist and Adonald focused solely on vocals due to medical reasons. Since then we have played numerous gigs in Greece and have shared the stage with many bands from the greek stoner rock scene including Nightstalker and Planet of Zeus. Earlier this month, we released our self-titled debut album, “Forsaken Memoriam”. The album artwork made by Neopithecus Illustration and mixed/mastered by Vaggelis Theodorakis.

Which are your musical influences?
Our influences include 70s hard rock, heavy metal and psychedelic rock elements.

What are your lyrics about? What catches your interest?
Most of our lyrics are about personal feelings, situations or just small stories… We would say that they are a bit associative…

Is the communication with the crowd something that you care about, in all levels, or do you do music for yourselves?
Both are very important. Writing music for yourself is definitely the first step and if you don’t enjoy the music you write it all turns out fake in the end, that’s pretty obvious actually… On the other hand, if a band doesn’t care about the communication with the audience they could just as easily stay in the rehearsal room. In a nutshell a live show IS communication so that’s equally important.

Do you feel like you’re a part of a particular “scene” in which you would like to join and contribute or you are indifferent about it?
We think all Greek bands are part of the Greek rock/metal scene and it’s really nice to watch bands and crowds support each other. Of course bands in a specific genre will always be closer with each other since they have more things in common musically. So, yeah, we care about the communication between bands and if that makes us part of the scene so be it.

How do you imagine that the band will be in ten years from now?
Wow! We can’t even imagine next year! Things in life are way too fickle to say anything and ten years is too much to foresee... It’s better to think of the next month, the next gig or the next song!!!

Which famous artist you would like to do a guest to a record of yours and why?
That’s a difficult one… We prefer to include our friends as guests at the moment. It’s the best way to support each other, but we wouldn’t say no if a famous artist would like to help us with it… We would be more than just excited if guys like Neil Fallon, Pepper Keenan, or Mike Patton would contribute…

What plans do you have for the near future?
Next gig is in Athens, February 21st. Apart from that gigging anywhere we can go!! Also, we have already started writing new material and finding new ways to express ourselves musically.

We wish you good luck to whatever you’re doing, the epilogue is yours.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce our band and congratulations for your excellent work, supporting the underground scene. 

by Kavaldi

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