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Last Rizla - Seamen
The history of this band dates back to 2003 when some ("clumsy" as they claim) boys got together in a basement in Syros Island (Greece) to play Punk Rock and Red Hot Chili Peppers covers. The concept of "Last Rizla" was actually devised in 2006 featuring members that aren't anymore in the band.

After some changes in the line-up and having Athens as a "base", the band managed in 2009 to self-finance its first recording and release the first full album which they decided to give it for free to anyone you liked their music. Its sound is a mixture of heavy rock, hardcore punk, and post-metal.
Μore changes were to come in the line-up the next years and the band ended up finally to be an instrumental rock trio. Around 2012 they recorded some tracks which after many live gigs, much patience and some difficulties came to be their second release under the title "Seamen" in August 2014.

This EP has three tracks and 28 minutes total duration. The band chose to distribute it freely in digital format and offer the chance to any listener to buy it in vinyl (through bandcamp).
Their musical style in this release has not much to do with the previous one. Being an instrumental trio this time they chose to play something more atmospheric but still heavy and in a more "jam" style. The result cannot be categorized to a single genre and this is its power. The three members managed to mix and blend their influences, they "subdued" them to their own taste and reformed them through many jams and rehearsals so that they actually composed something that has their personal touch.

Atmospheric post metal, heavy rock, doom, sludge, fuzz, psychedelia .... you can all find them in there blended in such a way that make this release one of the most enjoyable and filling musical experiences. One can tell that this band loves to jam and, surely this how they work their compositions. Just give a listen to the last track titled "As the sun is masked" and you will totally understand what I am talking about. This track, being also my favorite, is about 12 minutes in duration and as it  progresses it gives you the feeling that you could willingly be listening to it to the infinity.

Having already seen them live twice so far I can only assure you that on-stage those guys deliver their compositions in a much more fuzzy, heavy, groovy and atmospheric way, grabbing you by your ears no matter how uninterested you may be until that moment. Their skills in composing and performing can only give us with the certainty that more great releases are yet to come from those guys and some great gigs as well.

by Sotos
1. He Who Talks Loud Saying Nothing (07:27)
2. Τσιμέντο (07:42)
3. As the Sun is Masked (12:41)

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