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Welcome to DT. Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started? How did you meet?
We started off in Athens, Greece about 2 years ago. Antonis (guitar, vocals) and Evan (drums) started jamming sometime around November 2012. At some point we realized that what we were jamming on was serious fun and definitely needed 2 good friends to share that. Jim (bass) and Konstantinos (guitar) eventually teamed up and joined the fun. We met through online dating, straight guys looking for some company. But seriously, Konstantinos and Antonis were high school buddies since the old days. Me and Jim used to go to the same school way way back. In a magical way all of these came together and we formed the Cellar Dogs.

Which are your musical influences?
Our musical influences vary in all ways. Each and everyone of us brings something different to the table and we work on it in the studio. We combine the heavy high energy sound with groovy breakdowns.

What’s your lyrics about? What catches your interest?
Love, friendship and majestic rides with unicorns in the Mist of Avalon if that's what you mean.

Is the communication with the crowd something that you care about, in all levels, or do you do music for yourselves?
Well eventually, you experience the domino effect. You start composing and developing your own music for your own amusement and eventually it seeks recognition from the crowd. One brings the other. If we write something we like, and at some point, the crowd likes it too, we really couldn't ask for more.

Do you feel like you’re a part of a particular “scene” in which you would like to join and contribute or you are indifferent about it?
The greek heavy scene is currently blooming and you can definitely notice that from small stage gigs, to sold out venue shows. We couldn't really seperate ourselves from the scene, since our musicals influences include many greek bands. It feels good to know that we are out here with some decent friends and bands, feeding the beast.

How do you imagine that the band will be in ten years from now?
Ten years older for sure.

Which famous artist you would like to do a guest to a record of yours and why?
Antonis picked out Hetfield on the spot, Jim would probably pick Josh Homme, Konstantinos went for Friedman, and I'd probably say Tom Morello.

What plans do you have for the near future?
We are currently midway on our debut album, which will be released hopefully in January. After that we are really looking forward to pump gas in van and tour around Greece.

We wish you good luck to whatever you’re doing, the epilogue is yours.
We really want to thank you guys at downtunedmag for inviting us over. Brofist through the internet.

by Kavaldi

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