[Quick Fixes] Burn the Sun - Crack of Dawn

Burn the Sun make their first attempt to release an album with the EP “Crack of Dawn”. These five songs which last almost 30 minutes, can be listened to without a break. A mixture of rock that lies on psychedelia, desert structure and heavy-sludge details. In general, the sound is fresh, with good production, the guitars have done some great work, melodies and solos in right proportion. 

Fine vocals, which in some moments at times remind us of Soundgarden. 
Mighty moment the slow & heavy “O.C.D.” showing us how much the band loves Down. The EP’s highlight is “Bitchslap” where groove stars and stands out. Last, and maybe best, is “Desert Flowers”: a twelve minute song that trips you through Kyuss’s atmosphere in a heavy stoner grooving and finishes with continuing solos. “Crack of Dawn” EP has something like a concept album because songs are merged together, without being the same. Their exquisite cover art is a creation of “C.A.N. Artworks”.


1. Crack of Dawn
2. O. C. D.
3. Bitchslap
4. Thriallis
5. Desert Flowers

by Kavaldi

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