[Review] Monster Magnet - Last Patrol

monster magnet - last patrolLast Patrol is the album that hardcore Monster Magnet fans have been waiting for since the release of "Dopes to Infinity" back in 1995. This is a no-nonsense return to roots record that will leave anybody who hoped for a record like "Powertrip" disappointed.
As Dave Wyndorf noted in various interviews, in the last few years they did a lot of touring performing of their early albums in their entirety. After assessing the crowd's ultra positive reaction he decided that they should return to the beginning.
Thus in an era dominated by two-minute long hits, their opening track "I Live Behind the Clouds" has a duration of four minutes and twenty five seconds and it's the shortest one in the entire record. Followed by a nine-minute song that shares its name with that of the album. Last Patrol is an ode to the 70's rock bands like Hawkwind that have influenced the leader of the group since he was teenager.

We shouldn't forget that a song cover is usually included in their albums and "Three King Fishers" is their choice for this one. One would think that it would be easy to loose interest in this record after listening to the first few songs, but on the contrary it is the second part and the bonus tracks that one will enjoy more.

Ed Mundel's absence is obvious in as many ways as one can imagine. Dave's long-term wingman has moved on and took his signature guitar riffs with him. This works for the album and not against it, since it has left room for experimentation and equalised things under the lead vocals.

If you are a Monster Magnet fan, you already own one of the vinyl editions of the album. On the other hand if you listen to metal and '70s psychedelic hard rock this is the record you should put on.

Despite being recorded in two weeks it feels like a great album. The lyrics are Monster Magnet style and include lines like "Venus warm my bed ‘cause I’m coming home, now". At 54, Dave catches another cosmic wave and we are all happy to ride along.

by Christos A

01. I Live Behind the Clouds
02. Last Patrol
03. Three King Fishers
04. Paradise
05. Hallelujah
06. Mindless Ones
07. The Duke
08. End of Time
09. Stay Tuned
10. Strobe Light Beatdown - (Bonus Track)
11. One Dead Moon - (Bonus Track)

Monster Magnet - Last Patrol

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